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Covid and your Plan B (or Plan C) wedding

You can get mad at Covid for ruining your wedding masterplan… but then GET EVEN by getting excited by your different but NEW wedding plan B or C #winning #kicka$$marriage

Taila and Trevor changed their plans and eloped with just 3 very important guests.

In the wedding industry, we normally refer to a wet weather plan as ‘Plan B’, but in the past year, the term ‘Plan B’ has increasingly been used when Covid restrictions have played havoc with the ‘wedding masterplan’.  Perhaps we should call it ‘Plan C’??

This year our Elope Brisbane inbox has been filled with emails from distressed couples… “Due to covid, we cannot travel to [insert interstate address] for the wedding we have been planning for over a year.”  Likewise, “family cannot cross the border to our wedding” and “Due to covid, we cannot afford the big lavish wedding anymore.”  The common email finisher is “We just want to be married now; can you help?”

Our heart has been breaking for all couples across Australia. We totally understand… for many you’ve been planning this day since your engagement.  The vision for your day looked a certain way and now – well, it will be different. 

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Shani and Dave didn’t have any wedding guests due to family and friends being interstate and overseas… they loved their elopement! So romantic!

For some, your next move is as simple as a postponement (we say simple very loosely – as rescheduling all your vendors can be a nightmare).  For others it gets more complicated… Many are deciding whether to:

  1. Elope on the planned day, but postpone the reception? Lots looking at a first anniversary vow renewal and reception to follow.
  2. Move forward but inline with the current restrictions (often having to cut guest numbers and forego dancing etc.)
  3. Ditch the masterplan and go with a new plan that will work no matter what the ‘C’ word throws at you! This is usually intimate (perhaps a micro wedding), close to home and more affordable.

‘Plan C’ is what most of our couples have been asking for in their emails… A solution that is not just a means to finally get married (because the last year and a half has worn them down), but something more than just a ‘registry office wedding’, something that’s still beautiful, romantic, and memorable – just DIFFERENT.

Once you get your head around your wedding being ‘different’, it’s kinda liberating!  And that’s exactly the feedback we’ve been getting!  You can get excited about your day again and look forward to the “best day ever!” We realise that like many things, this is easier said than done… so to help you on your way we thought a little list of ‘pros’ might help!  (Not just ‘sales talk’ pros, but ‘pros’ that have come from real couples who have been in your shoes.)

  1. Zero to very few guests makes it more intimate. Intimate = Romantic!  The day is ALL about you, the couple! You get to spend quality time together and are not being pulled in different directions all day.
  2. Because most of us are saving for this or that… your ‘Plan C’ doesn’t have to mean a personal loan or diving to the bottom of your savings account.  That is something to get excited about for sure!
  3. Less stress! Small ceremonies or elopements are always less stressful. Less to organize, less pressure, less expensive. So many of our couples have expressed how anxious they were at the thought of being centre-of-attention on the day – their ‘Plan C’ elopements were a complete relief!
  4. Your day, your way… we all love our families dearly, but let’s face it – sometimes wedding plans can get out of control when there are lots of different expectations and people to please. We’re going to a place of wedding taboo, but we dare to repeat what several couples have told us… “Covid is the perfect excuse for us to do what WE want!”
  5. After daring to say the last one out loud… number 5 on the pro list is: Family and friends are awesome, they love you and have seen the stress you’ve been under in the past year… so they will understand if you decide to change it up.  And there are many ways to include them if you decide to get hitched without them there in person.  You can get creative with Zoom or video on the day or after… our digital savvy world means that the options are endless!
  6. A different plan doesn’t mean boring… it can be as exciting and vibrant as any plan! And if you have a cool team of professionals who can help you make it happen – they will design something personal and incredible just for you!
Jemma and Jo were restricted to just 5 people for their day… it was perfectly perfect for them!

At the end of the day, celebrating your love and union should be an amazing experience, not just on the day, but the planning leading up to it too!  So, brush off the difficulties that have been thrown at you (you can tell them to &^%$ off if you need to lol), and get excited about the next step! After all, if you can get through this as a couple, then life together will be a walk in the park!

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