I like to get organised and ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day, so with the below information I can design the perfect photography plan for your wedding day. Simply fill out key locations at the very least and I can help you with the timing. xx

In preparation, please take a little time to fill in the below details and return to [email protected] or [email protected]

NOTE: This form needs to include all of your ‘must have’ photographs… Shots that might be important may include: Particular people that you need to be photographed with, groupings of family and friends (suggested list below – amend as needed), and special shots that you may have in mind – you may include inspo photos if you wish. Details of your locations and scheduling, such as the time of ceremony and the time your guests will be seated, are important for us in planning your photography. Please leave the shaded boxes blank – these are for us to complete once you have returned this form with all other sections filled in. Thank you! We will chat again very soon! xx

Partner 1 getting ready (If required/included in your package)

Partner 2 getting ready (If required/included in your package)

Ceremony details

(Please include any special ceremony moments, e.g. butterfly release, love lock etc.)
Please tick the group photo required above. Note, that the newlyweds are in all photos mentioned.
Include address/s if required
Will we do a mock cake cutting and first dance? Will you do the first dance and cake cutting within the first hour of reception? What time are key moments e.g. speeches if photographer will still be at your reception

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