Marriage Celebrant

Ketrina Coffey

Known as quite the adventurer, Ketrina has trekked in the Himalaya’s, drove race cars on a Grand-Prix Race track, met her hubby in the South of France, married in Cyprus and has honeymoon photos with the Egyptian Pyramids as a backdrop.

Ketrina just LOVES marrying!  Here, there and anywhere!  And, how ever you please!  She won’t shy away from those ‘off-beat’ and unique ideas, having recently held ceremonies on a remote island in the Great Barrier Reef, on a mountain side while the sun was rising and 3000ft above the Gold Coast Hinterland in a hot-air balloon.

Married to her Artist Husband for over 20 years, they sure know what it’s all about.  They’ve embraced the happy times, worked through the tough.  Been on adventures, grown together, moved to Australia and brought two gorgeous yet cheeky boys into the world.  “I love my man to bits” she says “Although he drives me crazy at times, as I know I do him also, we’re in it forever! I’m sooo very proud of us”

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